Do YOU need to CLOSE a CYCLE

in your life but are unsure of 

where to start?

Would YOU like to forgive but

don't know how?

Come along to this workshop and start to walk on a new healing path.

You'll leave the room INSPIRED, 




Forgiveness is giving up the hope that the past could be any different and Accepting it for what it WAS.


This kind of Forgiveness is Radical.


On this workshop, You will learn Tools and Attitudes that will release You from the past.

letting go...

The Process:

  • How to forgive, what does that mean?

  • Techniques

  • Accept where You Are

  • Understand the inter-relationship of thoughts and feelings 

  • Getting past denial 

  • Unwinding limiting beliefs 

  • Being compassionate throughout your process 

  • Feeling peace and grace within your heart, mind & body

  • Become empowered to take responsibility for your reaction to the situation

  • Receiving the gifts inside the worst things that ever happened 

  • Develop Empathy and Compassion









Forgiveness is to no longer hold Yourself hostage of what WAS.

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