Join us for a wide variety of Retreats,  

to help you Embrace your Essence, Empower, Revitalise and

Rejuvenate YOU.

Welcome to a World of Abundance

through the Power

of Sharing.




Confetti Storm

Want to Explore your Feminine side and Discover a World of Wonder and Sensuality?

Regardless of whether you are Male or Female, you can Embrace Your Feminine Power.

Divine Feminine Energy

Jael Ortega Fasting.jpg

Want to Enjoy Vitality,

Clear your mind and get vibrant health?

Dismitify Fasting by learning it's basic principals and enjoy of the benefits of Juicing

I'll show you how.

The Joy of Fasting

Jael Ortega Light B.jpg

Are YOU an Introvert? or Would YOU like to Experience a Deeper Meaningful connection with Yourself and Your Loved Ones?

*Part of our Couples Sessions

Singles Invited.  

Soul to Soul

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