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Would you like to communicate with clarity, standing in your power with assertiveness, and authenticity?

This kind of therapy is for those who want to find a new way of interacting, whether that is learning to listen to or expressing their thoughts and feelings clearly. 


Sessions last 90 minutes. 




This process is bespoke and tailor-made to suit your needs.

We'll focus on the evolution in every area of your life. 

  • Mental

  • Emotional

  • Spiritual

  • Physical 

  • Habitat

Each session lasts 90 minutes and its dedicated to your empowerment and transformation. 

We'll work together in 

  • Initial Assessment 

  • Set up clear Goals

  • Define their Outcome

  • Inquiry

  • Create a compelling Vision

  • Strategise a short and long term bullet-proof action plan 

  • Optimise your resources

  • Network


Initial Assessment

We'll start by understanding your values and priorities as well as personality,

non-negotiables and commitment.

An essential part of this phase is:

  • Self-awareness

  • Conscious communication 

  • Personal life and Work balance

Set up clear Goals

Let go of the past and get clear about who you are and what you want from a satisfying professional and personal life.

Define their outcome


Explore, compare and analyse your findings to understand the level of dedication this phase of the process needs. 

Create a compelling Vision

Identify what success and rewards look like and take small consistent steps towards it. 

Prioritise your time

Advocate for and honour them. Set some healthy boundaries. 

Strategise a short and long term

bullet-proof action plan

Using specific, measurable and 

achievable timely goals. 

Optimise your resources


Create a life that is in alignment with your values and embody your life's purpose with trust and passion. 

Step into your highest potential for FREE here

On this free pdf you'll :

  • Find out your core values

  • Create a visual representation of your current life using the wheel of life process

  • Start a conscious enquiry

  • Create a compelling vision of a future you want

Frequently asked questions


1.- What is conscious communication or conscious listening?


Is about consciously being intentionally present during communication between ourselves and another. 

It is a skill we can develop to improve our quality of life, reality and relationships with ourselves and others.  

2.- What to expect on a conscious communication or conscious listening coaching session?

  • The sessions are 45 to 60 minutes

  • You'll understand the impact of listening on communication, success and wellbeing.

  • You'll learn how your listening dictates your reality and

  • How you can use listening to alter your experience of the world

​3.- What are conscious listening or conscious communication skills?

  • Listening to what is being said rather than to what you think someone is saying 

  • Listening without interrupting

  • Being mindful of your tone of voice, words and body talk

​These skills can be acquired and developed with time and practise focusing on growing strong, mutually enriching relationships.

Frequently asked questions


1.- What's your purpose in life?

What are you passionate about in life. That one thing or those things that give you joy and a sense of pride and achievement.

2.- What is working and not working in your career at the moment? 

Get clear about your current job, physical environment and people you are working with. Focus specifically on your own standards.  

3.- What are your non-negotiables?

These are the things you cannot compromise about, like finances, family and the timing in your life now. 

Other really important questions to consider

  • What would you like to achieve by the end of your life?

  • What are your natural skills and talents?

  • What are the outcomes you want to work toward?

  • What is the type of people you want to work with?

  • What are your core values?

  • What are your top priorities?

  • Information supplied on this website should not be used as a substitute for medical advice, or that given by any other psychological or psychiatric professional used by the client. If you are concerned about your health in any way, always consult a medical practitioner.

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