Would YOU like to Learn the Basic Principals of Energy Healing and Tap into Your Own Source of Power?

Then join us for a day of Exploration and Creativity.

You'll leave the room INSPIRED


Energy Alignment &

Harmonising Workshop

Have you lost your Sense of Purpose and are looking for a New Direction in Life?


Are you Ready to live your Higher Divine Purpose?


Are you suffering from a physical illness you would like Support with and would YOU like to 

Empower and Heal Yourself?

Awaken Your Inner

Energy Healer

Learn how to:

  • Train the Mind and Body to be Present

  • Accept Yourself at this Moment as You ARE.

  • Physical & Emotional Healing

  • Clean and activate the chakras

  • Re-program Your Cells

  • Space Clearing 

  • Use Shamanic clearing to Empower Your Life 

  • Send Healing across time and space and programming it to take effect at a designated time and place

  • Enhance the quality of food/drink 

  • Energetically Cleanse objects, especially Crystals, and set them for a specific purpose




This workshop will give you the Tools to begin practising as an Intuitive Energy Healer, it will also guide you to Discover, Nurture and Share your Healing Gifts with everyone while developing your Healing Technique.

This Creative Process involves: 

  • Guided Inquiry

  • Conscious Breathing

  • Grounding

  • Inner Child Work

  • Sound and Colour Healing

  • Meditation

  • Higher Guidance Resonance

Among others

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