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Since I was young I started to channel beings of light from different dimensions of consciousness who had loving messages for their family members living on this earth plane.

I normally read the persons individual energy and for every reading, I hold the intention to help clients to feel empowered and knowledgeable about their own intuitive abilities. 

Every reading lasts about 1 hour and needs to be booked in advance. 



Intuitive Energy Readings

Every session is unique and highly individual.

What it provides

The readings can vary depending on the person receiving it, as their Family of Light will connect with us and some of the following can happen

  • The person gets in-depth information about their

    • Soul's journey

    • Life path

    • Karmic cycles ​

  • Give clarity about a specific situation or experience. 

  • It can also help activate their highest potential and life work 

What to expect


Safe Environment

I provide a safe and tranquil place for the person to relax and unwind. 

Conscious Listening

It helps to build a relationship of trust, 

followed by a process of release and transmuting in the mental, physical and emotional energy bodies. 


Sometimes depending on the person, their Family of Light can ask if they can remove energetic blocks. They will not do that without the person's acknowledgement and approval. 

Skype or FaceTime Sessions

In-person, Skype or FaceTime sessions can take about 1 hour. 

You will need to prepare in advance and make sure your internet connection, phone or laptop camera are all working for the session to take place. 

Please check the Terms and Conditions page for the sessions guidelines.  


Please check our monthly workshops on how to develop your intuition.


We believe that everyone is an Intuitive and has the ability to read Energy.