Hi, I am an Intuitive and Multi-passionate Entrepreneur, Life Coach and Energy Healer, based in London UK, dedicated to helping you Discover and Harness your inner power to live a life full oJoy, Passion and Vitality. 




Join us for a wide variety of Retreats, Talks and Workshops to help you Embrace your Essence,

EmpowerRevitalise, Rejuvenate, Welcome to the Power of Sharing.

Get Inspired

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In our Interactive Talks, we'll Explore Creativity, Love and 



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In our Interactive Workshops, we'll Explore Creativity, Love and 



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Join us for a wide variety of Retreats,  to help you Embrace your Essence, Revitalise and

Rejuvenate YOU.


Would You like a Fulfilling Career doing the work You Love but are uncertain about Which Path to take?

I can help YOU Focus on your Signature Strengths and Create Harmony Wellbeing in your Personal and Professional Lives.

Do YOU need to Define your Branding and Online presence?

I'm Here to Help.




Jael Ortega is an Intuitive Coach and Multi-passionate Entrepreneur, Speaker and Shamanic Healer who specialises in the Art of Conscious Communication, Forgiveness and Healing, Workshops and Short Courses. 


Jael's work focuses on Conscious Listening, One to One Coaching. She offers Home and Office Energy Clearing & Alignment, and Holistic Interior Design Sessions in London.


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