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Help your clients Transition from feeling they are a problem or someone to fix to being an Empath or HSP having sensitivity that they genuily feel strengten by. ​ This course is designed to transform your life and the life of your clients, not just add value to them. ​ It features 6 powerful sessions to focus on the evolution of every area of your life: ​ Understanding HSP's and Empaths ​ How their Nervous System works Energy Mental Emotional Physical Spiritual ​ Each session lasts 90 minutes and is dedicated to your empowerment and transformation. ​ This course will be held on Saturdays from 9:30 AM, UK time by Zoom. For more information about different times please DM us. ​ ​ GOALS OF THIS TRANING COURSE: ​ 1.- Empower yourself and your clients ​ Understand what a highly sensitive nervous system is, how it works, and the impact it has over empaths & HSP's when it is imbalanced. 2.- Inner Child ​ Create a relationship with it, providing what it needs to heal and go back to being a child while you take charge of your life. ​ 3.- Use Energy Healing to Transform your Life ​ Learn how to read energy. Release any stagnant energy or emotional attachments, and create an environment that is sustaining your growth and expansion. ​ ​ FIRST WEEK ​ Breaking down the Nervous System Ways to support and regulate the Highly Sensitive Nervous System How it impacts the lives of Empaths and Highly Sensitive People Empaths and Highly Sensitive People ​ SECOND WEEK ​ The Inner child Introduction to your Inner Child Break Free From Emotional Blocks Authority & Your Inner Child Healing Your Inner Child Communicate powerfully in life THIRD WEEK ​ Integrity What is your relationship with your word How to create solid Unshakeable belief in your clients Meet your Future Self FOURTH WEEK ​ Frequency Patterns How to re-calibrate, re-charge, modify and amplify it ​ FIFTH WEEK ​ Emotional ​ Learn to master your emotions defense mechanisms, and what triggers them Master emotional stability ​ Mental ​ Basics of Conscious Enquiry Work with your saboteurs ​ ​ SIXTH WEEK ​ Spiritual ​ Connect with Your Creator, become One with the Essence that it is YOU ​ Physical ​ Specific lifestyle information that supports and sustains your development in all areas If your clients feel like they are called for a bigger purpose in life but you don't know how they can get there.

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Jael treats the session you have booked with Love and Respect, and as an intuitive and therapeutic practitioner holds the highest outcome as an intention for you. She honours your free will, and will not give you prescriptive advice. Jael sees her role as a therapeutic facilitator and divine energy worker. Jael highly values your commitment to personal and spiritual growth and will uphold your right to confidentiality. All and any information given by you during your sessions will be held in the strictest confidence. Jael sees developing trust in emotionally-safe spaces to be a key to healing and developing confidence in your inner power. This