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In our Energy Hygiene Group Coaching, we'll...

show you different techniques, tools and hacks that can transform your personal and professional life. You'll feel rejuvenated, recharged and experience a high level of clarity and peace. 

3. What are the benefits of Energy Healing?

Energy healing can help with many psychological, emotional and physical conditions like:

  • Depression and Anxiety

  • Digestive and Hormonal disorders

  • Immune system conditions

  • Bereavement

Among others

It is also beneficial for:

  • Self-confidence issues

  • Find your lives purpose

  • Be clear and decisive 

  • Create conscious relationships

Frequently asked questions


1.- What is Energy Healing Hygiene?

All living things have an energy field, and how we interact with this energy determines the quality of that vital life force that flows internally and externally.

There are several energetic layers in an energy field, including the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual layers. Each of these layers holds information, experiences, and energetic imprints. These energy centres transmit energetic communication internally and outwardly.


An energy field extends several feet around the physical body, which means that you can pick up energy from other people, places, or things just by coming in contact with different energies.


2.- How does Energy Healing work?

A common example would be an argument that may have just happened and you walk into that space, and you can still feel that energy even though the argument is over. Even when the argument didn’t involve you, you might unknowingly take on those negative emotions and feel like arguing but don’t know why. 

There are several ways to clear your energy field, including, guided meditation, herbal smoke clearing, sound, crystal, elemental, salt clearing and many more.


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