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In-person 1-on-1 intuitive consultations, walks, coaching, energy healing, and light rituals at Kew Gardens. Join one of our sessions to reconnect with Nature to tap into this larger-than-life beautiful cosmic energy. Free entry.

Energy Healer London

Energy Healing

Immerse yourself in nature and experience the comfort of being surrounded by trees. Focus on the smells of nature — fresh grass, wet earth and fresh air. Take a moment to slow down and experience a sense of calm and joy. 


Take a deep breath and listen to the natural symphony around you, the rustling of leaves, birds singing, the sound of the wind, and your own breath. Reconnect with Nature and find alignment between needs, objectives and action. 

Kew Garden in-person sessions
Energy Healer UK

Intuitive Consultations

Have Questions? We've got answers for you.

Allow your body to recharge itself while soaking in the peace and beauty of nature awakening all your senses. Tap into the flow of beautiful, cosmic energy that gives you the insights and guidance you are looking for. 

Pure Light Ceremony

This type of ceremony is especially good to bless the new changes in life like:

  • Moving homes or countries

  • Starting new projects a new job or career

  • Becoming a mother or simply to invite a loving relationship into your life 

Jael Ortega Life Coach London
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