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Would you like to practice the simple  & Intentional living lifestyle driven by an overall feeling of wellbeing, that supports you mentally, emotionally and physically?

Living an Intentional life is all about finding joy in the simple things, and being content with less, 

contemplation and savouring the moment. 


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Before we start I would like you to find a reason why you want to follow this kind of lifestyle?


Your answer will help you enjoy the process of living with intention and purpose as well as to keep you focused when challenges arrise. 

What would you like to accomplish? 

  • Initial Assessment 

  • Set up clear Goals

  • Define their Outcome

  • Research

  • Create a compelling Vision

  • Focus on your signature Strengths & Skills

  • Prioritise your time

  • Strategise a short and long term bullet-proof action plan 

  • Optimise your resources

  • Network

Initial Assessment

We'll start by understanding your values and priorities as well as personality,

non-negotiables and commitment.

An essential part of this phase is:

  • Self-awareness

  • Conscious communication / Leadership

  • Personal life and Work balance

Set up clear Goals

Let go of the past and get clear about who you are and what you want from a satisfying professional and personal life.

Define their outcome


Explore, compare and analyse your findings to understand the level of dedication this phase of the process needs. 

Create a compelling Vision

Identify what success and rewards look like and take small consistent steps towards it. 

Focus on your signature strengths & transferable skills 

Prioritise your time

Advocate for and honour them. Set some healthy boundaries. 

Strategise a short and long term

bullet-proof action plan

Using specific, measurable and 

achievable timely goals. 

Optimise your resources


Create a life that is in alignment with your values and embody your life's purpose with trust and passion. 

Step into your highest potential for FREE here

On this free pdf you'll :

  • Find out your core values

  • Create a visual representation of your current life using the wheel of life process

  • Start a conscious enquiry

  • Create a compelling vision of a future you want

Frequently asked questions


1.- What is Intentional Living Lifestyle?

It is intentionally living with only the things we need, those items that support our purpose. By removing the distraction of excess possessions we can focus more on those things that matter most.

2. ​What does it mean to live life intentionally?

The Intentional Living Lifestyle means we use our time, effort and resources wisely and consciously.


Intentionally promoting the things we most value and removing everything that distracts us from them. It values relationships, experiences, and soul connections.

​3.- How do you live intentionally?

Intentional Living is about who You are, your passions, core values. It is living a simpler, more clear life. 

Here is a list of simple actions you can practice in your daily routine to be more present, aware and start living with intention.


  • ​Become aware of the music you are listening to and social media. Do both reflect your goals in life? ​

  • Be grateful for who you are and what you have. Creating a gratitude list will make this step easier.

  • Find out what your core values are, this will help you on your journey to living with intention. 

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