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Are you at a crossroad at your

job or career?

Are you ready to honour your authentic self?

Learn how to become the person you wish to be and make the impact you were bon to make.

I'm Here to Help.


Would you like to make

your Home a Loving place

where you Feel naturally at Ease, Energised, and where

your Clarity and Relaxation Increase?

Let's work together.


Do you Love Working from Home but are unable to Focus on your Career Goals while having to deal with Family matters?


I can help you Create a more Harmonious Working Environment that Encourages Concentration and Productivity.


Our  work involves Intuitive: 


  • Life Coaching,

  • Medical Consulting, 

  • Business, and Career Consulting 


Every reading lasts about 1 hour and needs to be booked in advance. 

Let's work together!

Intuitive Consultant London

Jael Ortega.png

All our training courses are designed to transform your life and the life of your clients.

Transition from feeling that you are a problem or someone to fix to being an Empath or HSP having sensitivity that you genuily feel strengten by.


Join us today!

Traning provider London UK


Are you constantly feeling tired, lacking energy and disoriented?


Let me help you discover a way to Be your Own Source of Healing and Power

I'm here to help you

Energy Healer London 

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