Jael is an Intuitive and Multi-passionate Entrepreneur, Speaker and Shamanic Healer who specialises in the Art of Conscious Communication, Forgiveness & Energy Healing Workshops and

Short Courses. 

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Want to Fast Track Your Success and Create Wellbeing in both Your Personal & Professional Lives?

Or do YOU need to Define Your Branding and Online presence?

I'm Here to Help.

Coaching Sessions

sage candle with amethyst and twinkle li

Would YOU like to make

YOUR Home a Loving place

where you Feel naturally at Ease, Energised, and where

your Clarity and Relaxation Increase?

Let's work Together.

Home Energy Clearing

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Do You Love Working from Home but are unable to Focus on YOUR Career Goals while having to deal with Family matters?

I can help you  Create a MORE Harmonious Working Environment that Encourages Concentration, Productivity and Clarity.

Office Energy Clearing 

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Are YOU constantly Feeling tired, lacking energy and


Let me help you Discover a way to Be Your Own Source of Healing and Power. 

Healing Sessions


Want to make Your Home

Brighter more Dynamic, 

space that Boosts

YOUR Creativity and 


Let me show you how. 

Interior Design

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