Are YOU constantly Feeling tired, lacking energy and disoriented?

Let me help you discover a way to Be Your Own Source of Healing and Power. 


Therapies available

  • Energy Healing

  • Pet & Plant Healing

  • Reiki

  • Conscious Listening




from London

"My experience with Jael is always beautiful; her energy healing space is calming, where I can unwind and relax. I look forward to our sessions and to learn more from her. Super grateful to have met you." 


from London

"Jael taught me how to ground myself and prepare for the day ahead. She showed me how access to my inner wisdom and learned to take one day at a time. She is always available to offer tips and information about energy healing."




from Cornwall

"I met Jael at a conference, and immediately we clicked. She supported me through a transition time and showed me to listen to my self so I could heal through compassion and Love. I love her meditations they are beautiful. Her energy healing sessions are very soothing and calming. All I can say is that I believe in Miracles."