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Tea from my Garden Cured me from a strong Flu in just a couple of hours

When I was 18, I discovered that I could communicate with plants and got them to help me heal from terrible flu.

I remember being quite ill at home, unable to move much, having a fever and lying plain tired in bed. That day I felt like going to the Garden and ask the plants to help me heal. I took a petal or a leaf to brew a Tea to help me recover. I had never done that before.

When We ask for Help ENERGY answers Our Call. The answer may not look like what we were expecting, but it always comes.

Not so long after drinking that Tea, I felt tired and went to sleep. On the next day, I was full of energy as if nothing had happened for the past couple days! I had no symptoms of the flue and felt super Energised. I knew I was on to something unusual here. I thanked the Plants for their generosity. Since then, I developed a close relationship with the Plant World.

A Magical Connection was Born; this is an Intimate Relationship that Changed the way I saw the World.

Please understand that I am not telling you to brew a Tea from all the plants in your garden. With some, you have to be more careful than with others. What I am saying here is that when you Connect with Another Being, from Your Heart, they are happy to help you.

To the Animal and Plant World, it is Clear that WE humans can enhance EVERYONE'S reality. Through Experiences of joyful giving and sharing, we learn from each other.

Think about what's being shared in this article, see if any of this rings a bell in you. Share this post with anyone who needs it.

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