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Fasting as a way to Reconnect with my Soul
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In 2011, I found videos online about the 8 and 21 days Fasting Process. As I gathered more information about them, I felt a call of Love in my heart tough to resist.

After 12 months of research, I finally booked an 8 days Process in Holland. This Process opens your understanding to a newly developed and comprehensive way of energetic nourishment.

At my arrival, I met people who were new to this concept like I was, and others who had done it before.

This Fasting Process consisted of a series of powerful breathing techniques and meditations. As well as three days of dry fasting followed by slow incorporation of water and juices.

I felt a call of Love in my heart very difficult to resist.

What happens during the #FastingProcess depends on Where You Are in Life at that Moment. We started right away with a #DrayFasting that lasted for three days. As time went by the need to drink water increased, especially at night. I managed to go through the first two days without drinking or eating anything, but on the third day, I drank water.

I felt bad after doing it like I had let the whole group down. To my surprise, everyone was very supportive. The Coordinator told me that "Everyone goes through their very own Process".

All I wanted to do before, during and after the Process was to meet likeminded people. In one of the breathing sessions, I felt so much energy coming through my body as if a Massive Train ran over me. At another time, I had extreme emotions of Love, so I needed to hug people for about 10 minutes.

"Everyone goes through their very own Process".

On the next day, my creativity came back, so I painted a lot at that time. When the Process was over, I cooked some potatoes to Celebrate my success, but I could not eat much. Seeing food in front of me made me nauseous. With time I was able to eat little by little.

I am grateful to the Coordinators for such a Lovely fasting process. It marked a new beginning for me. Soon enough, I was able to do a dry fast for 3 to 5 days in a raw, being more present and Conscious each time.

The key here is to prepare before the Process, both Physically and Mentally.

On my next #BlogPost about #DryFasting I will give you 5 Tips to help you prepare for any #FastingProcess, to make this an enjoyable and comfortable experience.

Think about what's being shared in this article, see if any of this rings a bell in you. Share this post with anyone who needs it.

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