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Have you ever wondered how you can feel what others feel? 🤷🏻‍♀️

🔴 If you are empathetic, chances are that you literally feel the emotions of others. Why is this? ✅ Studies done in 2008 by Lacobany discovered an important part of the brain 🧠 that is responsible for the empathic phenomena: The mirror neuron system. 🟢 This system is the part of the brain responsible for helping people mirror other people’s emotional experiences, and it was discovered that empaths are far more sensitive than the average human. Perhaps you or someone you know are: ** Able to feel physical and emotional distress for someone or something else ** Prone to feeling the energy of food ** Might have dietary restrictions due to their sensitive digestive system


So what can you do to feel better? 🎵 Play soft relaxing music in the background all-day 🌸 Burn or diffuse Lavender essential oil 🕯 Light a candle 🥤 Drink plenty of MINERAL water 🥙 Eat food that calms your nervous system ⛔️ Avoid coffee, matcha Green tea, chocolate, or cacao 🧘🏻‍♀️Ground yourself To Calm and Relax you: 🟢 🐈 Watch YouTube videos of baby animals like kittens or puppies, this will immediately relax your nervous system So there it is. I hope this helps you understand yourself or a loved one better. 👏🏼 If you’d like support to create a life that reflects your soul’s purpose, and who you are, and empower yourself, then use the link in comments to book a free discovery call. Talk soon! #empaths #highlysensitivepeople #neurodiverse #introverts#neurodiversecoaching


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