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How to Create Intimacy in a Relationship with an Empath

We have gathered here information for us to communicate with our partners in a way they understand and are ready to listen.

One of the major sources of frustration and conflict in a couple is not being able to listen and understand what their partner is trying to express.

Especially around the full moon time, the chances of getting into an argument increase because of how connected we are to our body, mind and environment.

To have the energy flowing in a relationship it's important to understand gender differences in communication.

Men are #singlefocus

If we think of men as #hunters and women as #gatherers

When men are hunting their focus goes to the pray, to them this is the point of hunting and so this is what they are looking for when a woman is talking. #Thepoint

There is no point! Your partner #trusts you which is why she shares this with you. Listen to her experience that's the point.#Men shine by physically doing things for their ladies and being physically affectionate. She receives constant reassurance of his love through these gestures.

When he’s sharing about his life and day, you want to contribute. You want to add another perspective and help him do even better. But this kind of love isn’t received as love at all. It doesn’t mean what you think it means.

Is the quickest way to turn a man off — literally. He stops opening up to you, and he’ll pull away. Ice cold or hot and defensive.

When you give him unsolicited advice, he thinks you don’t #trusthim to handle it himself. Trust is one of six primary ways a man feels loved. The opposite of trust — distrust — feels like the opposite of love — rejection. In response, he feels hurt, demoralized, and defensive. He #disconnects.

Men only experience that #testosterone high when they’re successful AND when they have enough testosterone to release in the first place.

Men need to take time apart from the relationship and relationship hormones (like estrogen, which inhibits testosterone production) in order to rebuild testosterone.

In order to #createconnection, and help him the MOST you can say:

“I believe in you. You’re so clever, and I know you’ll figure out a great solution.”

Your trust in him gives him the courage and energy to fight dragons — an issue at work shouldn’t be a problem.

The intimacy and connection lie in your trust and belief in #him.

Keep it short and create a point

Be kind and contribute to the peace in your relationship. Men are not women dressed as men, their brain functions differently. #Appreciate and #bekind.

For women, they spend time seeing all the present and future possibilities for gathering, to for them speaking, describing in great detail their experience is necessary to share valuable information.

A woman experiences intimacy through sharing her feelings, stories, and experiences but only when a man sits in front of her, looks her in the eyes, and really listens. She needs to feel heard.

Most #women think if they need us, they won’t leave us. That’s the belief at play here. And a belief we need to bust through in order to have a healthy relationship.

When we have enough oxytocin, giving feels good. Think about releasing oxytocin in an orgasm…it feels really good. Giving can also release oxytocin and has its own feel-good result.

However, giving only gives us a chemical pay off when we have enough oxytocin to release. When that well runs dry, we’re like a junkie who keeps going back for more even though we can’t get the same high from it. It’s the memory of the high we’re chasing, hoping to finally scratch the itch and feel fulfilled again… like we were in the beginning.

For Empaths to have a harmonious relationship the following needs to be in place:

  • Empower yourself

  • Know who you are

  • Know what you want in life

That, in turn, will show where you are heading. Create #Coherence in Your Heart, Mind and Body so your relationships will be a reflection of this.

Think about what's being shared in this article, see if any of this rings a bell in you. Share this post with anyone who needs it.

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Sources: Alison Armstrong and Mars and Venus


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