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5 Tips to Make Your Home a Loving Sanctuary

1. Declutter with Intention

Start this clearing process with Gratitude for the things you no longer need and give away. To make it more effective, follow your Instincts with an open heart. Saying things "I like I let go of" make you align with the same kind of energy you want to release. It is better to set out Intentions of what you want to attract into your life.

For example, use Mantras like "I am creating space for Endless Joy, Love, Peace, Prosperity and Beauty in my Home".

Avoid visual clutter. Make sure all the surfaces in your surroundings are clear. These include bed night, coffee and kitchen tables, countertops, beds and seating areas. After decluttering, clean your Home and proceed to Clear the Energy in it here is how. #declutter

2. Lighting

It's useful to think of Light as energy flowing through your Home like water. You want that energy to be clean, clear and buoyant.

To illuminate a space well, use decorating materials with good light-reflecting effects. It will help you visually expand the room, which is very important for small spaces. For example, glossy surface, white walls, mirrors and glass reflect Light very well.

To set a relaxing mood, use diffuse lighting or light candles. This is another way to add a lovely ambience to the room and calm the senses.

It's useful to think of Light as energy flowing through your Home like water. You want that energy to be clean, clear and buoyant.

3. Art Work

Make sure your artwork, collectables and photographs are congruent with your goals. Choose items to connect with what's meaningful to you.

Create focal points with art, objects or by highlighting beautiful views.

These can be:

  • A bowl of fresh fruit in the centre of a table

  • A Vase with flowers

  • A fire feature

  • Beautiful candles

  • Photographs and Paintings

4. Fresh Air

Let air circulate in the room try to open windows as often as you can, keep it clean and tidy. Bring beautiful scents into your Home by using an Oil diffuser or Oil Burner.

Indoor plants reduce toxins from indoor spaces, thus reoxygenating your Home. Try plants that need little maintenance and add a serene effect like succulents.

5. Sound

Sound can have therapeutic healing effects in your emotional and physical well-being. It reduces stress and depression. It is also considered to induce states of revitalisation and clarity.

Use sound to enhance the vibration of your Home, promote relaxation and concentration.

Create a soothing ambience of Peace by listening or using:

  • Soft Classical Music

  • Singing Bowls

  • Tuning Forks

I hope you try these tips and let me know what you thing about them.

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