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5 Steps to Clear​ the Energy in your Home

Rooms can hold the energy of emotions, experiences and people that have taken place in there. The same happens with big open spaces, furniture, clothes, etc.

Have you walked into a room that didn't feel quite right? #energyclearing releases stagnant vibrations from your Home. It creates a vibrant flow of nourishing life-force that makes it at ease and in harmony.

When is a good time to Clear the Energy in your Home?

  • Before you move into a new home

  • During or after a transition in life

  • If you are looking for a job

  • After an argument

  • After an Illness

  • If you feel down or stuck

  • or when you want to bring positive energy into your life

Energy clearing releases stagnant vibrations from your Home. It creates a vibrant flow of nourishing life-force that makes it at ease and in harmony.

*Prepare and clean the room, empty bins and let air circulate for a while, 1 hour or 2 will be enough, then close all windows and doors.

Step 1

Set Your Intentions. Be CLEAR about your outcome. What is it that you want to achieve?

Step 2

Music is a powerful tool for #energyclearing. It raises your Home's vibration in minutes — play Yoga, Meditation, #highfrequencysongs or #energyclearingmusic.

Also use #singingbowls, #energyclearingbells, or clap your hands in the corners to move the stagnant energy from there.

Step 3

Burn Incense or light a smudge stick. Make sure you have a bowl to catch the little pieces of burnt Incense or Smudge stick that might fall. Walk around the house with the intention to clear the energy in it. Say mantras out loud that go well with your predefined goals.

Welcome the new energy with the selected mantras and let the Incense and smudge do the work for you. Saying I release, let go or set free, brings memories of whatever you want to improve in your life, so it is better not to do it.

Pay special attention to:

  • Corners

  • Under the furniture

  • Open closets

  • Cabinets

  • Back of doors

  • Window and door frames

  • Then go to the centre of that room and say thank you.

Step 4

A crucial step here is to rehearse or replay in your mind receiving the new energy. Bring conscious living light and colours into every room and piece of furniture in it.

Light and Colours to use

  • For the bedroom, see a soft pink colour covering everything in it. You can also use white and pastels colours to soothe energy.

  • After an argument, use a light blue to bring more clarity and compassion to this situation and room.

  • If someone has continuous nightmares, then use the colour white. It clearers and purifies the energy in the room.

  • After an illness, use the colours white, light green and pink, to clear and restore balance.

Step 5

Open windows and doors! The old energy will leave, and the new one will enter. You will notice a difference in the air you breath and how the room feels to you.

You can add some energy clearing plants or fresh cut flowers to the room.


Think about what's being shared in this article, see if any of this rings a bell in you. Share this post with anyone who needs it.

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