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How to know if You are an Empath

An Empowered Empath is confident, radiant and takes day to day activities and challenges as an opportunity to develop and expand. Being aware of your own energy and being curious is vital to grow and thrive as a human being.
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I was born an empath and being a #synesthete, I felt and saw other peoples emotions and realities very often. Being this sensitive caused a lot of problems in my life. I had no confidence in myself or was able to interact with people; I felt and saw too much. With time, however, I've learned to centre myself and live a more harmonious life.

Today, empathy is a source of compassion, vitality, and a tool to understand myself and other people better.

How to recognise if you are an Empath

  • Can you absorb or experience peoples feelings and emotions?

  • Are you sensitive to stagnant energy left in rooms or open spaces?

  • Are you less apt to intellectualise feelings and emotions?

  • Do you get physically or emotionally exhausted around big crowds and loud noises?

  • Are you scared to get emotionally involved?

The most important thing I have learned is that the best protection is no protection.

Recognising you're an empath is the first step in taking charge of your emotions. This can improve your self-care and relationships better than anything else can.

Here are some strategies to help you feel safe, embrace your gifts, and move on to a more empowered way of living.

  1. Have a daily #Meditation; this centres your energy, so you don't take it on from others.

  2. Open Your Heart and shine love from it.

  3. Ground yourself before going out.

  4. Learn to say NO.

  5. Take deep breaths throughout the day.

  6. Get to know your LIMITS for sharing responsibilities, socialising and internet surfing.

  7. Be Present in whatever activity you are doing.

  8. Avoid gossip and judgement at all times.

  9. Choose a space where you can retreat to clear and recharge your energy.

Try to practice these techniques and see how they work for you. If there are any that you want to share with our community, please do so leaving a comment below.

Think about what's being shared in this article, see if any of this rings a bell in you. Share this post with anyone who needs it.

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